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7 ways your computer is costing you m$ney

Everyone in business these days uses a computer. In fact most people have a computer at their home as well as the office. These are great tools to get repeating tasks done quickly so you can go back to doing what you WANT to be doing. Here are seven ways your computer is costing you […]

I don’t want to start anything!!

We work with a number of senior citizens and we train our staff to be a little slower and very understanding. There are many times when just the terminology can get in the way.  Case in point, got a call from a new client that was older, and his problem was that he wanted to […]

The Coffee Cup Holder

A woman called the office asking for immediate computer help. She had a Packard Bell computer and said that she broke the coffee cup holder and needed it replaced immediately.  After explaining that her computer did not have a coffee cup holder, I requested he to describe the issue with the COMPUTER. She then explain […]

Where have you been?

Do you know where your kids are? Are they safe. Common questions from parents of teens these days. But who else wants to know where your kids are? How about advertisers. The world of Google has made for the ultimate resource: INFORMATION. We are taught has children that information is power. Well Google has collected […]