A Guide for Safe Trick or Treating

Each year young children go out to people’s homes to celebrate Halloween and receive sweets while showing off their creative costumes.  Whether you have children or not, please keep in mind all those out there out there in the streets visiting homes.  We are providing the following guide for safe Trick or Treating so that everyone can enjoy a safe Halloween.

A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children during their neighborhood rounds. Even if you know the neighborhood well there are a number of new persons both adult and children that you may not know. Read more

Are you being ‘Forced’ to upgrade to Windows 10?

It seems that the people at Microsoft are hell bent on having their newest version of OS on as many computers as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that the new Windows 10 software will be a hit in due time. Already there are many people using Windows 10 that are singing their praises and are enjoying the new look and feel of the OS. However, let me point out that far and wide these are individual users and not the normal office environment. The business world is not the place to make hasty upgrades in software when we really do not know how compatible the OS will be with other client specific software and hardware. Read more