The Coffee Cup Holder

A woman called the office asking for immediate computer help. She had a Packard Bell computer and said that she broke the coffee cup holder and needed it replaced immediately.  After explaining that her computer did not have a coffee cup holder, I requested he to describe the issue with the COMPUTER. She then explain that the coffee cup holder was a part of the computer and that she pushes a button and the holder comes out.  There was a round hole which perfectly fit her coffee cup.  But the other day she accidentally closed it with the coffee cup still in it and broke it off the computer.  Realizing she is referring to her CD-ROM drive and being sure not to laugh out loud I explain that these are very expensive.  (this was many years ago and back then the CD-ROM drives were over $200) She decided to pay for the new coffee cup holder no matter what the cost.  After installing a new CD-ROM drive she is very upset because the hole is now a different shape. (to accommodate the mini cds) So to solve the problem we have to get a drill with a hole saw blade and drill and large hole that would fit her coffee cup on this expensive piece of computer hardware.  She was very happy with her computer and so glad to get her coffee cup holder back.

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