Digital Production

  • Graphics Design

    Create a bank of elements to use for your company’s marketing. (ie. logo, dividers, backgrounds, patterns, and fonts) This well be the building blocks to create the feel of your marketing.

  • Video Production

    Most Websites and social media campaigns will benefit from 30 minutes of video (b-roll) and 5 minutes of good content that can be broken up into a few 3 – 5 min videos for your marketing needs.

  • Web content

    Using the combination of the digital graphics and video YCS can create your Website and social media marketing campaign.

  • Design for Print

    Using those digital elements we can design the print material that you will need to get your campaign started while ensuring to have room to grow for future projects.

  • Web hosting

    After domain acquisition, YCS can provide solid website hosting with FTP, PHP 5 and MYSQL access. Our hosting supports WordPress, Joomla, and many custom engines. Co-location servers are available.

  • Video Hosting

    Having seperate video hosting with stats on each file is paramount to tracking your marketing results. We use the same video hosting as Disney, Darden, and C-SPAN. This is a great way to keep your files secure.

  • Backup

    YCS offers website and database daily or weekly backup to protect against errors or failure.