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Force a computer to install Windows 11?

Windows 11 have been out for a few months now and Microsoft have made it very clear that they want to ensure you not only use a Microsoft to help (track) assist you with targeted advertising and content, but to make things more secure with the new security chip called TPM 2.0. This week they have now offered a work around to get Windows 11 on a computer that does not have this security chip. Should you upgrade and why would Microsoft change its mind?

Network Share error Invalid Handle after KB4480970 patch

So three calls at 7:00am with clients that cant access their quickbooks and a client from the Department of Transportation explaining that all their water tables and plans are gone. After quick review we find that all network shares on the network are getting an error of Invalid Handle. Reboot both the fileserver and the […]

Windows 10 patch wiped out my documents!!!

Ok so imagine you turn on your computer and Microsoft does another one of their normal patches and when you go to your do your work you notice all the files and folders in the my documents folders are gone.  This is a reality for a number of Windows 10 users this week.  In a […]

How to move Sticky Notes from your computer.

Well I had a client that used Sticky Notes religiously and had thousands of notes.  At least it looks like thousands all over her screen.  They really kept her organized so I wanted to ensure we kept them when we upgraded her computer. The good news is that all the data from Sticky Notes and […]

A Guide for Safe Trick or Treating

Each year young children go out to people’s homes to celebrate Halloween and receive sweets while showing off their creative costumes.  Whether you have children or not, please keep in mind all those out there out there in the streets visiting homes.  We are providing the following guide for safe Trick or Treating so that […]

Why Hurricane Shutters?

A number of years ago after Hurricane Andrew I bought a house. I decided to do some research on how to protect my home in the event of a hurricane. As a computer guy the first thing I did was go to the internet. I went to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Website and […]