On Site Repair Services

  • Virus Removal and Clean Up

    Removal of all malware and viruses located on the client computer.

  • Repair slow computers

    Remove processes that store information to send later without permission.

  • Test and repair Internet Access

    Fix slow or complete disconnected internet services.

  • Setup Email

    Setup your email in either MS Oulook or other email application.

  • Network Repair and Sharing

    Check each workstation for network connectivity and proper file and print sharing.

  • Hareware and Software Installs

    Replace hard drives and power supplies when needed. Reinstall inoperable software.

  • Local and Online Backup

    Protecting your data from catastrophic failure with local or online solutions.

Service Plan

The YCS annual Service Plan is the best way to ensure your computer runs smoothly month after month.Check-ups on each system, bimonthly, to include:

  • bimonthly checking and cleaning printers
  • running test systems on each computer
  • cleaning and testing hard drive for errors
  • testing integrity of entire network
  • ensuring proper print sharing
  • listening to each user
    • most errors can be found in this manner
    • also allows user to discuss use of system

Emergency Telephone Service:

  • majority of computer errors are phone solvable
  • main office number is (407)826-0810.  Either myself or one of my staff should answer 24 hours a day.
  • in the majority of cases I will personally  provide the necessary phone support. Should I be unavailable one of my associates will respond as soon as possible.

Emergency On-Site Service is available:

  • either myself or a qualified technician will arrive at your office within a reasonable period of time to resolve the problem. Response time is usually within a two hour period.
  • follow-up telephone call will be made periodically to ensure that the problem has not recurred.
  • annual cost $420.00 per workstation or $35 a month, which guarantees for a period of one year from signing of contract, a service rate of $75.00 per hour instead of non-contracted rate of $150.00 per hour.
  • this rate applies to service either by phone or on-site and is billed in one-hour increments.