Photoshop copy and paste doesn’t work? What to do…

So not long ago I was doing some work in Photoshop and a friend was going to assist me.  He loaded his Photoshop and for some reason could not copy and paste from Photoshop into MS word or even notepad.  So what do you do when Photoshop copy and paste doesn’t work.  You could try rebooting the computer but that won’t help.  You could try reinstalling Photoshop but that will not work.  You could go on google, which my friend did.  They offered a number of options and nothing worked.  So hopefully you will find this answer on google and we have two solutions for you. Read more

Resizing and stretching photos to fit a predetermined size.

Many times I get a client that hands me a 4×6 photo and wants me to turn it (somehow) into a 8.5×11 sheet of paper.  But they don’t just want it on the bottom, then want it as a background to put words on top.  Well even if you resize it normally to 8.5×5.667 you are still missing in height over 5 inches.  This is where you have to be creative.  I have seen people stretch a photo and warp the image so bad there is no way to tell what the orginial photo is.  Most of the time these needs arise is for backgrounds of advertising that is a large photo with text around it. I would must prefer just increase the image to 16.5×11 and crop it to 8.5×11 using only half of the image, but sometimes the elements are required.  Sometimes the client wants what they want even if it does not make sense.  So in those situations you have to protect the client from themselves and keep them from warping the photo.  You have to ensure the finished product still looks like a real photo. Read more