Don't want to start anything

I don’t want to start anything!!

We work with a number of senior citizens and we train our staff to be a little slower and very understanding. There are many times when just the terminology can get in the way.  Case in point, got a call from a new client that was older, and his problem was that he wanted to turn off his computer. Now to better understand, this client was a nice older man with one arm.  So to be able to talk to me on the phone was a little bit of work.  He would have to grab the phone with his good hand a balance it on his shoulder and up to his ear, so he could free up his hand to use the computer.  I asked him what OS he had and of coarse he did not know.  I asked if on the bottom left corner of the screen did he see a START button.  Read more

The Coffee Cup Holder

A woman called the office asking for immediate computer help. She had a Packard Bell computer and said that she broke the coffee cup holder and needed it replaced immediately.  After explaining that her computer did not have a coffee cup holder, I requested he to describe the issue with the COMPUTER. She then explain that the coffee cup holder was a part of the computer and that she pushes a button and the holder comes out.  There was a round hole which perfectly fit her coffee cup.  But the other day she accidentally closed it with the coffee cup still in it and broke it off the computer.  Read more