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Your Computer Solutions Inc. does offer remote control services. Not only can this service be used to repair your computer from our offices for emergency service, but you can use it to work from home. Remote control services are away for one computer to view the screen of another and be able to send keystrokes and commands to the second computer as if you were working directly on it. There are a number of services that will offer remote control. We ensure state-of-the art security features include an SSL-encrypted Web site and end-to-end AES 128-bit encryption of the data stream and chat as well as keyboard and mouse input. Our service is firewall friendly and extremely reliable and scalable.

f you are unsure if you need this service, first determine the number of times your computer has gone down which required a technician to visit your office. If most of your service can be solved over the phone then remote control access is not needed. If want to work at home, or just access the office computer from a remote location, this may be a solution for you. If you want to ensure that travel time for your tech is not an issue for a delay of service then this product may fit your needs. Be sure to ask your technician for details and how to get started.

If you are on our monthly Service Plan program you will get a response by a live person within 1 hour. (Usually within 10 min) Provided you still have internet we are able to get working on your computer right away. (depending on volume of client calls at any given time) If you are not on our monthly Service Plan we address your calls in the order that they come in. A knowledgeable staff member will call you within 1 hour and set up an appointment for the next available spot. Most issues are solved within 48 hours. (assuming the client is available to provide access to the computer after hours)

The Annual Service Contract is $25 a month. This allows our clients to receive a monthly bill and defer payment for services throughout the month until the end of the month. The Annual Service Contract also locks in the hourly rate for work at $50 hourly, rather than the $100 hourly that non-service plan clients pay. Over time this because a large cost savings to our clients.

Our Annual Service Contract last for one full year. Most of our clients just continue the service year to year without interruption. If a client desires to cancel the service plan before the first year is up, they will be responsible for the remainder of the contract. We do allow transferring the service plan from one computer to another. This will allow for trouble free computer upgrading.

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. If you are on our monthly service plan you will be invoiced once a month for all labor and parts you have purchased. If you are not our our monthly service plan, or are purchasing a full computer, you are able to make your payment upon delivery of our services. All printing and promotional products are paid for in advance through our website by credit card only.

We charge a minimum of 1 hour but once the job is completed we will offer to stay until the hour is up and complete any checks to improve the performance of your computer. If you are on our monthly service plan and the job is being completed remotely we do not charge if we are able to solve the issue in the first 10 min. More than half of our service plan calls are completed within 10 min.

If the computer was purchased from YCS we will be happy to take care of the issue under warranty. If the computer was purchased from another computer company, we would encourage you to look into the warranty first before hiring us to fix it. We are more than happy to fix your issue, but many times the original company that sold you the computer will fix it at no cost as long as it is under warranty. Be sure you have a good backup of the computer before you send your computer out to be repaired, (even for free) Some computer companies fix software errors by reinstalling the entire computer. This could lose all your data and if you missed the fine print, you would have no way to get it back. Having YCS make a backup copy of your data before sending it back for warranty work is always a good idea.

Absolutely. We custom build our computers around your needs. We interview the client to find our what their current needs are and how will they grow over the next 2-4 years. We then suggest a system that will fit the client’s needs and provide room to grow. We have seven base systems and hundreds of possible changes within those seven. Depending on your budget and needs we can build a system that will work for you. It is good idea to know your budget and what you are going to use the computer for before the interview process. This will allow us to find out what we need to provide you a computer that will ensure you are able to accomplish your goals at an affordable price.

I ask my clients all the time, “If a fireball came from the sky and burnt down the location where your computer was, what data on the computer would you miss after the insurance company has replaced the computer? If the answer is nothing, then no you don’t need backup. But 98% of clients would be missing something. Usually it is personal photos of family, or events that would hurt the most. For businesses the financial data and client lists. We offer two ways to backup your data. First our online backup will provide a backup once a day of each folder that you specify. The cost of YCSBackup is $15 per gig a year. So if you have 5 gigs of data that you wish to be backed up every day you can do so for $75 a year. Second we have a local backup. We suggest if you are not using an online backup that you do two local backups. One you keep on site and one off site. The off site should be switched out either weekly or monthly depending on the value of the data. (daily for some really large firms) Local backup is performed at night and must have a staff person disconnect the drive and take it off site. Some clients use a combination of YCSBackup and a local backup. The YCSBackup is used for total loss of data from the office that can be recovered online. (total loss could be due to water damage, fire, or theft, Thieves don’t leave your backup drive to be nice.) The local backup is for faster recovery and for companies that want to backup more often. (ie hourly or three times a day)

YCSBackup uses reliable, high-security data centers around the globe. 11 worldwide data centers are secured by biometric credentials, 24/7 watch, and a bulletproof infrastructure. All YCSBackup colocation data centers are military-grade. In order to protect your data better, their exact locations are confidential. They are located in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Ukraine

Regulation Compliance
YCSBackup complies with the following regulations: SAS 70 Type II (Sarbanes Oxley), SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA, US EU Safe Harbor

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Video Hosting is used for the client that would like easy access to their videos for their clients and themselves. These videos can be embedding on your website, or made available for download. We do not place any advertising or links to other videos within, around, on, or after your video. Our video hosting play fast and rarely need buffering. (depending on the viewer’s internet speed) We allow full screen playing and stats showing you when the viewer stopped, jumped around, and left your videos. We even offer pay to view video services so you can make money with the videos we are hosting for you.

When a client purchases a domain and builds a website, they need to host it somewhere. This is a computer that is set aside to store your website and allow people to view it. One computer can store a number of client websites. We charge between $20 – $30++ monthly depending on your website hosting needs. (number of email accounts, bandwidth needs, number of domain forwards, etc)

logo smallheaderPrinting and Promotions

Our printing services are done on a Heidelberg sheet-fed press with aqueous coater. All our products are printed with four-color inks; ((Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). Color density less than 15% may not print. This also means we are unable to provide spot color.

Please build your press-ready digital files to bleed size by adding 0 .1″ dimension for any product that is printed on 14- point cardstock (for example: business cards and postcards) and 0.125″ for all other products (for example: brochures and flyers). Our bleeds vary depending on the product. Please refer to our Download Templates page or our Preparing Files page for more information on the specific bleed for your product. Keep in mind that any files that do not have the proper bleed may delay the order, and add costs.

Yes, you are wanting printing services we can take camera ready artwork provided you used our downloadable templates. You can also use our advanced designer and select any of our thousands of images for backgrounds and clip art to help design your product. You can upload any photos or backgrounds to use with the advanced designer to make designing your marketing material yourself easy.

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Need Support?

Call us at 407-826-0810
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and ask for a technology expert.

Things to try before calling

In order to save money for our clients we have found there are certain things that can fix some minor computer issues without much effort or time. These suggested are available for you to use at your own risk.

Reboot the computer

As many issues can be software driven, a simple reboot may resolve the issue. Before you decide to try rebooting the computer, we strongly suggest saving your work, and any work in another other programs on the computer. If you cannot save your work call one of our Technology Diagnosticians to help.

Do the Windows Update

Some issues are simply requiring a new windows update. If you feel comfortable in using the windows update service, just do the ones listed as important. If you do not feel comfortable with doing updates yourself please call one of our Technology Diagnosticians to work on your issue.

Revert a Restore Point

This is for advanced clients that are used to the Restore Point system. You can attempt to revert your setting to before when you had the computer issue.

Stay Calm

Some clients can be in a hurry to get a project done and allow frustration to get the better of them. Do not delete anything unless you know what you are doing. Do not try to fix your computer while you are angry. Sometimes stepping away from it for just a few minutes will allow you to look at the issue differently. If you are not certain, just call us.

No matter how upset you are, Do not hit, kick, smash, or throw your computer.

Any physical damage will remove your warranty with any computer company. It will also ensure the computer repair will cost more and may even destroy access to your data. We understand your frustration, please call one of our Technology Diagnosticians or myself right away.