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Solutions for people like you

You may not need or want the best bells and whistles in order to create a document or to get on the internet. You may just need to get the computer to do what you want it to do. It is possible to get a computer built that will do exactly what you want. It is possible to hire a firm that will set up the computer in your home, ensure it fits nicely on your desk, and to hook it up to the internet. Our goal as a company is to provide you, the user, with a tool with which you can create productive work.

You should be using the computer to work for you rather than the other way around. If your current computer guy isn’t making you happy, if you’re tired of viruses on your computer, and if you just want your computer to work without you having to be an expert, then we are your computer solution. We help businesses use their computers to increase their productivity. We enable the home user to enjoy the use of his computer by removing the time-consuming annoying tasks necessary for proper maintenance. As our firm works with such a varied group of companies and individuals, you can be assured that we can, and will be, the solution for your needs.

Commitment to the community

Your Computer Solutions Inc. is a proud sponsor of Solgames USA Foundation. Solgames USA has been accepted as a part of the National Heritage Foundation. As such, Solgames USA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3),509(a)(1) under the NHF and shares its tax status. The focus of Solgames USA of Central Florida is to support a Local Area Network Party that provides computer gaming and entertainment as well as training and education in repairing computer systems to teens and young adults in the Orlando Community. Joseph Boy is proud to accept the seat of executive director of the organization.

If you wish to help by donating or volunteering for Solgames USA, please call the office and ask for Joseph Boy. He will be happy to go over what needs the organization has and what options are available. Want to know what Solgames USA is about? Well,click on the banner below and visit the site. Events are held twice a month. Visitors are welcome.

Superior Service

You can go to any store and buy a box that looks like a computer. Then you can bring it home, put it together, and try to get all the parts plugged into the right place. After it’s assembled and properly hooked up, you “get” to answer a bunch of questions about your computer email and ISP settings, network protocols and user accounts. After you do all that (if you answered it all correctly), you get to start actually using the computer. If you have any questions (do you seriously think you won’t?), you are then sent to a call center located who knows where, to talk to some person you have never met and who is only trained to respond to prompts on his computer screen.

Or (and here’s where the drum rolls resound!), you can purchase a certified YCS (Your Computer Solution) computer. When you order a YCS computer, it is delivered and set up in your home or office by one of our company’s well-trained, knowledgeable computer technicians. The technician happily ensures your computer is set up properly and with all the settings configured for optimal use. The technician will answer all your questions and make sure your computer is placed in a manner that will eliminate downtime from lack of airflow or unsafe environments.

Your technician is available to help solve all your computer-related needs. When in need of training, service or maintenance, you’ll receive it from the same technician with whom you’ve already established a relationship. Your technician will be familiar with your computer and with what you want it to do.

YCS offers a service plan that provides you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your computer is being maintained and supported by a skilled technician who is available to respond to your questions. Clients on the YCS service plan can reach a live person twenty-four hours (24) a day by phone. In most cases, you will have a technician on site within two hours. We strive to ensure that your needs are handled by local technicians who care about your situation and will provide you the superior service that you expect and deserve.Click here to add your own text