Object reference not set to an instance of an object in ACT!

For those that use the Sage ACT! products you are in with a select group of contact management.  Either you have sales team or run a donation business, but either way most people are using very little of this robust product.  Part of the reason why is that when the product has an issue the development team wants to wait for another update to fix it.  Case in point is the error listed as “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.  This error happen for a number of different reasons in a number of different versions of ACT! The issue is that it is a general error and does not do a good job of describing the problem.

I started to get the error when working with smart tasks.  I wanted to have a task run after the user changed a date field.  It ran fine for a few years and after an upgrade to a brand new version of ACT!  wow pops up the error: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”  After three months worth of research and called ACT! and other ACT! consultants I was ready to just bang my head against a wall.

Wait there is more!  I have a solution!!

If you have read this far you deserved a solution correct.  (and not just some phony one like to buy and different product)  So here is the solution that worked for me.  First off click on the left side and select Opportunities. (You got it, you know that area that you have never been to)  Now go ahead and create one opportunity and call it DO NOT DELETE.  Now save your work and change the default opening screen to go to Opportunities instead of the welcome windows or contacts.  THAT IS IT.  Now when you go to run your smart task it will work and not error out.  As far as for why it works,  well that is beyond my pay grade.  I can just tell you it works.  Whatever object it is looking for is solved when you have one Opportunity and you have looked at it once per day.  I have tried hundreds of other combinations.  (I do play testing for a living)  And this is the only thing that works.

I hope it was helpful for you and if you care to donate a little something my paypal email is joeboy@yctp.com  Best of luck.

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